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Soro Zana painter and sculptor
Soro Zana - Painter and Sculptor





Soro Zana’s work draws its meaning, originality and aesthetic from the Sénoufo tradition, of the people of Northern Côte d'Ivoire.


Since his youth, he has chosen artistic tools of self-expression that have allowed him to build shapes inspired from traditional sénoufo sculpture, exploring the richness of his cultural heritage through the lens of contemporary art while striving to better society. His sculptures often mix materials such as wood, metal, and other elements from his surroundings to give it dynamic flair and variety.

In mixing a variety of materials, textures and compositions, Soro Zana remains true to his familial heritage, balancing his paternal and maternal influences in sculpture and welding respectively. Furthermore, SOROZ engraves his sculptures and his paintings with graphic techniques inspired by the sénoufo culture and philosophy, using these shapes and graphics as symbols of commitment and gratitude to the sénoufo culture.





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Soro Zana
Soro Zana
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